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Santa Fe Reporter:


When Santa Fe police kill a mentally ill person and a family seeks justice, the buck stops with the city’s insurance carrier

City pays $1.4 million in two years for claims against cops

Family seeks justice for man killed by Santa Fe cops; DAs say slow process is more fair


Working for nickels and dimes is a reprieve for some inmates in New Mexico’s prisons. Is it also exploitation?

New Mexico Department of Corrections limiting Lea County prisoners’ showers, meals as group punishment

Emails show NM Corrections was aware of prison strike before lockdowns


Visits by immigration authorities to local businesses put Santa Fe on edge

Mayor: ICE agents acted like local cops during traffic stops


Urban Native Americans in Santa Fe hurt by federal funding for Indian health care are demanding reform

Fed shutdown means funds are low and future uncertain for pueblo clinics


A company that made equipment to detect radiation left toxic material in a shuttered Santa Fe building

Rep. Ben Ray Luján asks state, EPA to clarify health risks of old Eberline Instruments building

Freelance work:

Why the people who live in San Juan County, Utah, feel like they’ve been caught in the middle of a monumental land grab (Topic, 2018)

Trump’s Border Security May Search Your Social Media by ‘Tone’ (The Nation, 2017)

An old case sheds new light on police abuse in the crack era, raising doubts about old convictions, and exposing the collateral costs of Detroit’s drug war (The Intercept, 2015)

Blood on the tracks: The short life and mysterious death of Deion Fludd (Al Jazeera America, 2015)

NYers fear gas pipeline near nuclear reactor could spell disaster (Al Jazeera America, 2015)

A program that aims to serve as an ‘early warning system’ to prevent violent acts divides American Muslim leaders (Al Jazeera America, 2015)